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  • Op-Ed: 5 Reasons Why Climate Change Denial Is Ludicrous

    Written by Lexi Smith ’18 In light of Ted Cruz’s recent denial of climate change on Late Night with Seth Meyers, here are 5 reasons why arguments against climate change should be put to bed. According to the Pew Research Center’s annual poll of Public Policy Priorities, environmental issues are consistently ranked last among the… Read More

    Op-Ed: 5 Reasons Why Climate Change Denial Is Ludicrous
  • Join the Dems!

    Written by Caroline Goldfarb ’18 One of my favorite memories from high school was waking up at 4:50 AM on November 6, 2012 to join 200 other students in the Democratic Club in distributing election day materials around Southern New Hampshire.  It was freezing cold and I attempted to stay warm with four layers of… Read More

    Join the Dems!
  • Op-Ed: Is Marriage Equality Enough?

    Written by Farris Peale ’18 Open the New York Times practically any day in the last few weeks and you will see an article on gay marriage. Ruling after ruling has been handed down, and state after state – with the noticeable exception of Kansas –  has seen bigotry give way to acceptance, at least… Read More

    Op-Ed: Is Marriage Equality Enough?
  • Op-Ed: California Propositions 14 and 20: Lessons for the Future of American Elections

    Written by Jason Park ’18 In 2010, voters in California approved two propositions that fundamentally changed the nature of elections in the state. The first proposition, Proposition 14, created a top-two primary system for most statewide and federal offices. Under the new system, all voters (regardless of party registration) would vote on the same ballot.… Read More

    Op-Ed: California Propositions 14 and 20: Lessons for the Future of American   Elections
  • Op-Ed: Atlanta Symphony Lockout

    Written by Lexi Smith ’18 Over the past two years, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) musicians have sacrificed much. Following a 2012 lockout, they accepted every dollar in cuts that their umbrella organization, the Woodruff Arts Center (WAC), demanded of them. This meant giving up $5.2 million over the course of a two-year contract. While… Read More

    Op-Ed: Atlanta Symphony Lockout
  • Op-Ed: Why Wisconsin Matters

    Written by Daphne Thompson ’18 It’s a month into college, and my responses to the four standard questions are tumbling off my tongue for what seems like the thousandth time: “Hi, I’m Daphne! I live in Holworthy. Thinking about concentrating in Economics. And I’m from Wisconsin,” I say. I pause to show off my trademark… Read More

    Op-Ed: Why Wisconsin Matters

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