• Summer Summary: Jay M.

    I have enjoyed watching the World Cup. I cheered as great players made spectacular moments happen on the pitch. Last night a few of friends and I played this beautiful game until the sun went down and we could not see the ball anymore. Half way around the world, four boys went down to the beach to… Read More

    Summer Summary: Jay M.
  • Summer Summary: Ross

    My time abroad as an intern in UK Parliament began with an illuminating taxi ride from the airport. The cab driver, a man in his early 50s, and I began chatting easily about the impending World Cup and England’s prospects. Like many Englishmen, he pessimistically predicted early defeat. (He proved right.) Our conversation gradually shifted,… Read More

    Summer Summary: Ross
  • Summer Summary: Susan

    While this post comes a little late, it is something I find very relevant to the Harvard College Democrats as an organization. As many of you are aware, Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, spoke at Commencement about the importance of tolerance. However, it was not the same message we have all heard… Read More

    Summer Summary: Susan
  • Summer Summary: Jacob C.

    So far this summer I’ve had some really amazing experiences. As an intern for HaystaqDNA, a political analytics firm, I have been tasked with researching publicly accessible databases to assist with the models they provide to campaigns and companies. I really enjoy the work, and it has been so worthwhile to have the opportunity to… Read More

    Summer Summary: Jacob C.
  • Op-Ed: We’re Ready For Hillary

    History is just as important to forget as to remember. The New Republic’s cover article  regarding Elizabeth Warren, “Hillary’s Nightmare,” fundamentally misunderstands the Hillary Clinton that would run in 2016. Because Clinton would run as a complete reinvention. The idea of a successful progressive anti-Clinton applies to the paradigm of 2008, but two cycles later,… Read More

    Op-Ed: We’re Ready For Hillary

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