Al Franken Fixes Everything

The scenario: An outspoken liberal senator is working the crowd at the state fair in his decidedly moderate state, and a woman starts asking him whether he’ll vote with the people or the president on health care reform.  Predictable outcome: chaos, yelling, socialism.

But it actually doesn’t happen here, when Al Franken talks to some folks at the Minnesota State Fair.  Instead, he tries to engage them in rational, level-headed discourse, and they… listen!  Watch after the jump.

Maybe Garrison Keillor is right and we Midwesterners are truly calmer people by nature.  Maybe it’s just that everyone’s mind was on the Fair’s endless array of fried foods on a stick, and they just didn’t have the energy to fight Franken.  Or maybe it turns out that when you confront people with the facts, they might be forced to back off.