Sunday Nights on the Lam: Kickoff Edition

Tonight is a night of beginnings.  The beginning of the real school year, which means the beginning of my intense procrastination regime.  The beginning of the Green Bay Packers football season, an important part of my procrastination regime.  And, of course, the beginning of yet another very sporadic year of Sunday Nights on the Lam.  For the uninitiated, Sunday Nights is, in theory, a weekly feature devoid of serious content and concluded with some kind of sports video. In practice, Sunday Nights is all of those things, except it only happens when I feel like it, which is sometimes not on a Monday. But I have fun with it. So dive in, after the jump. First, in the realm of the vaguely political, we’ve seen a lot of ridiculousness from Republicans. It should go without saying by now that Joe Wilson, previously unheard-of Republican of South Carolina, made a fool of himself by interrupting President Obama’s address to Congress by shouting “You lie!” – when, of course, Obama was telling the truth. Fortunately, a number of good things have come out of this debacle. For instance, we found out that although Joe Wilson is “PASSIONATE ABOUT STOPPING GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE!”, as a veteran, he actually enjoys government-run health care benefits for life. (I guess this is not technically inconsistent, since he very reliably votes against expanding veterans’ health care benefits.)  We also found out that his name is actually Addison Graves Wilson, Sr. But most importantly, we got Joe Wilson Is Your Preexisting Condition.  Now I know that not only did Joe Wilson interrupt one of the most important speeches by an American president in twenty years; he also peed in my soup.

Elsewhere in Crazy Right-Wing Land, we have a missive from Tony Perkins, the fearless leader of the Family Resource Council.  On the anniversary of 9/11, he writes to criticize the Obama administration’s call for Americans to engage in service projects as a memorial to the victims:

In April, President Obama signed a bill changing the focus from prayer to service. He declared September 11th the National Day of Service and Remembrance. According to Matthew Vadum, writing in the American Spectator, the recently dethroned green czar, Van Jones, and others within the White House were using this National Day of Service to push the green agenda in hopes of taking back 9/11 from the “Right” who have used it as “a day of fear that helps Republicans, into a day of activism that helps the Left.”

As a citizen, a Marine veteran and former police officer, I’m convinced that Americans should not and cannot tolerate our security being used as a political football. Transforming a day on which we reflect upon the tragic loss of human life, the heroic sacrifices made to protect and defend that life and earnestly pray for our nation’s divine protection into a day on which we focus on service and volunteerism as part of a left wing agenda is not a subtle shift of priorities–it is a significant, and even dangerous, change.

Seriously? Criticizing volunteering? I actually can’t think of a snarky thing to say.

So I think I’ll resolve that with sports. Of course, the Packers hosted the Bears at Lambeau tonight, and pulled out a 21-15 victory to start the season off right. Aaron Rodgers engineered a last-minute comeback with a fifty-yard touchdown pass to Greg Jennings within the last two minutes of the game, and Jay Cutler sealed the deal by throwing his fourth interception of the night. That one was glamorous. But my favorite is this one – when Johnny Jolly, a 320-pound DT, picked off Cutler and apparently fell over in shock. So did I. When you’re getting picked off by the D-line, you know you’re having a bad night. (And so did Cutler – check out that little shove at the end.)

That’s all for this evening’s edition of Sunday Nights on the Lam. Welcome back, and remember – under no circumstances should you throw a ball at Johnny Jolly!