How seriously are we taking renewable energy?

This week’s NYT Op-ed from Thomas Friedman titled “Have a Nice Day” poses a serious concern for environmentally conscious Democrats:

Have we forgotten our responsibility to 2008 voters?

I’m truly excited about healthcare reform and absolutely think it’s necessary, but reading that all of our subsidy money (read: TAX DOLLARS) given to the largest solar panel manufacturing producer is essentially going to developing factories in foreign countries, I’m discouraged by our lack of initiative towards ensuring renewable energy and climate change remain priorities in D.C.

It is our job, oh hard-working Democratic youth, to remind our elected leaders of the promises they made us when we worked so hard to get them into office. Like this guy (he’s kind of a big deal), who promised standing for growth and sustainability and ensuring meaningful progress on the development of renewable energy technology and infrastructure. (The YouTube video of Obama speaking to a farmers union  is also a startling reminder of how politicians will manipulate faith for political reasons.)

So, as you go on campaigning for healthcare, I hope you don’t forget that if we turn a blind eye to the environment, by the end of our lives, the global health affects of such a decision will be dire for much of the world.  If you would like to know more about the anticipated global health affects and current research being done at Harvard on this subject, check out the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative’s website in the upcoming weeks for a new page on Climate Change and Global Health.