Health Care Reform General Meeting

When: Tuesday, September 21, 2009.  8PM
Where: Ticknor Lounge*

What: Come to find out what’s really happening with health care reform.  The Dems Legislative Committee will make a brief presentation about the status of health care, explain confusing terms (like the Baucus Bill, not to be confused with a Bacchus bill which might be much more fun, but would probably be bad for your health), and field questions.  In addition, Judith Palfrey, President-Elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics who has just returned to Harvard after spending time working on healthcare reform in DC, will answer questions from the audience.  Enraged or excited about the sugary drinks tax? Dr. Palfrey would be happy to discuss the proposed tax legislation with you as well.  Come prepared to learn and to share!

*Ticknor Lounge is located in Boylston Hall, a grey stone building in the Yard.  Boylston is situated in front of Wigglesworth and to the side of Widener.