And now for a piece of totally balanced conservative media analysis

First, watch this. Skip to about 1:55 if you’re in a hurry.

A New Orleans-style jazz funeral held by the Gamaliel Foundation, an interfaith community organizing group, for the old health care system. Maybe not a conventional tactic, but nothing too ridiculous… right?

Right, until you let Andrew Breitbart get his hands on it. Then, all of a sudden, “blogger analysis” turns the traditional responses “Hear our cry, O God” and “Deliver us, O God” into Obama-worship. Hence the tag: “NEWLY DISCOVERED: COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS APPEAR TO ‘PRAY’ TO PRESIDENT-ELECT OBAMA.”


This is the part where I’d ordinarily insert my own snark, but the “blogger analysis” at Breitbart can probably stand on its own.

For instance, take Scooter’s comment:

Fine I’ll be the first to say it.
Antichrist anyone?
Just sayin.

Or Brian’s:

I have always discounted the Obama as anti-Christ idea; I am startig to rethink my position.

And the only thing worse than Antichrist allusions:

Any ideas as to the group with all the red baseball caps? I have seen ACORN groups with similar attire.

Mark S throws in some compassionate conservatism:

This is psycho. You want healthcare? No one is stopping you from getting it. Buy it. Can’t afford it? Get a 2nd job. I don’t want to pay for your healthcare. It’s not my job, it’s not my problem.

But probably my favorite is from “seriously”:

When you play the audio backwards it says… wait for it…

wait for it…

amabo yrap ruo raeh

Think on that one for a while.