Courageous Men Speak Up

My not-doing-assigned-reading-time was conveniently not wasted tonight (although is ThinkProgress really ever a waste?), when I came across a lovely bit of knowledge I thought I’d share with you all. It’s called MenSpeakUP, it was started here at Harvard, and I think it is just the kind of a movement our society needs, with your support of course.

MenSpeakUp was founded upon the premise that men have the unique ability to truly change the social dynamics that perpetuate gender inequality and violence against women. The idea is simple: progress will never be made towards gender equality and sexual respect without the vocal and visible involvement of men. Unlike politicians who claim to want to cross the party aisle with no intention of doing so, this movement is more than rhetoric. MenSpeakUp encourages the kind of cooperation, mutual respect and support between the two sexes absolutely necessary to change our current societal acceptance of gender-based discrimination and violence.

You’ve heard the statistic 1000 times by now that roughly 1 in 3 women will be the victims of domestic or sexual abuse in their lifetimes. You’ve seen the marches of angry and desperate women through the streets of Boston and other major cities hoping to raise awareness. You’ve heard about the mass-atrocities occurring around the world regarding gender-based violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Darfur, and Cameroon. Now it’s time you take a stand.

Stand up, speak out, join the movement. Change the dialog, cross the aisle, lend a hand. Create a new punchline to jokes and become a part of programs to combat gender-based violence. Without all of us working together, our culture will continue to contribute to pervasive inequalities and injustices.