What’s going on with health care reform

A lot has happened in the last few days: Harry Reid took a stand in favor of the public option; Steny Hoyer made noises about rolling out a similar bill in the House; Olympia Snowe and Joe Lieberman flipped out; threatened Dems like Blanche Lincoln and Ben Nelson are questionable; blogs reported and then questioned a pessimistic whip count that either did or didn’t come from James Clyburn’s office.. My head is still spinning. But some kind folks who populate my Google Reader have produced some great explanations.

On the policy end, Ezra Klein breaks down the three big options in the Senate: Snowe’s “trigger plan,” Tom Carper’s “opt-in,” and Chuck Schumer’s “opt-out.” And Nate Silver steps it up with a two-dimensional representation of major proposals floated in the House and Senate. And on the politics end, Marc Ambinder considers the political ramifications of the major options in the House and Senate. So have at it!