Why Did Joe Lieberman Cross the Road?

While we wait for the House to pass a universal health care bill tonight for the first time in American history, David Rees at True/Slant is looking ahead to the Senate debate. Rees responds the only way he knows how to Sen. Joe Lieberman’s (Himself-CT) threat to filibuster any bill with a public option:

Joe Lieberman is on a lifeboat with a young woman who was denied insurance coverage because she was raped, a middle-class guy who can’t afford his premiums, and a sickly child. He stabs them all in the back.

What do you get when you cross Joe Lieberman with a frog? A fascinating, frog-voiced lump of wrinkles whose blood runs cold with reptilian contempt for those in need. And a frog.

Why did Joe Lieberman cross the road? I can only assume it’s because he sucks.

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