Dems Endorse Bowman-Hysen for UC

HARVARD COLLEGE DEMOCRATS | Press Release | November 11, 2009

The Harvard College Democrats enthusiastically endorsed the ticket of Johnny Bowman and Eric Hysen for UC President and Vice President at a special meeting last night. The Dems are the first student group to endorse a candidate in this year’s elections.

A town hall-style meeting was held at 8 PM in Adams House Upper Common Room. Candidates George Hayward, Felix Zhang, Johnny Bowman, and Eric Hysen presented their ideas to an audience that included roughly forty voting and non-voting members. The forum was open to the public; ballots were only issued to dues-paid members.

The format of the meeting consisted of two-minute introductory statements by both tickets, one-minute answers to questions from President Eva Lam ’10, and one-minute answers to questions from members present during the meeting.

After the debate, the candidates left the room while members deliberated briefly before voting by secret ballot to endorse the Bowman-Hysen ticket.

Said Lam, “We were impressed by all of the candidates’ experience and their visions for Harvard’s future. However, we are especially excited to work with Johnny and Eric because of their experience in advocating for change at Harvard, particularly with respect to the impact of budget cuts on student life.”

Many members also noted that both Bowman and Hysen share a commitment to progressive ideals. Hysen was a field organizer with the Obama campaign in Virginia, and Bowman has been especially active in fighting for workers’ rights at and beyond Harvard.

The Dems hope to make tangible contributions to the UC campaign in the next week of the campaign, and look forward to working with Bowman and Hysen in the coming year.

Voting is open to Harvard undergraduates between noon on Monday, November 16, and Thursday, November 19, at To find out more, visit To get involved, email Ashley Fabrizio ( and Tiffany Fereydouni (