Who Let Liz Cheney Appear on This Week?

She became famous by being the Vice-President’s daughter.  She remains in the spotlight by spouting talking points and provable falsities.  And when she appeared on last week’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, she was no different; what she said was ultimately so ridiculous that at one point it was George Will who came to the defense of the common sanity, after she called Reid’s Biden-ism obviously “racist”; then she continues by asserting “this is the way that liberal elites talk to each other in private.”  You’re the liberal elites; you decide: is it crude, poorly thought-over, dumb, or simply a lie?  But most often the odd claims she made were simply let rest: when she offhandedly asserted that Bush-era interrogation techniques were successful, or when she repeated the odd claim that Obama isn’t treating the war on terrorism as a war.

So who on earth thought she was sufficiently qualified as a political thinker to be a panelist on this show?