A Note to Congressman Capuano


March 20, 2010

After months of activism in support of heath care reform, the Harvard College Democrats eagerly anticipate tomorrow’s vote on what we see as the cause of our generation.  For over a year, we have devoted hours of our time to help bring coverage to the uninsured and fairness to those abused by a broken system. Yet victory tomorrow is important for reasons far beyond our personal efforts.  On a campus that revered Senator Kennedy, there is only one outcome that will do justice to his legacy and to the progressive values we hold dear.

We know that this bill is not perfect, but we refuse to allow a few imperfections to jeopardize the overwhelming benefits that this bill would secure.  Because change is so desperately needed, the Harvard College Democrats are willing to overlook a few minor flaws in order to achieve reform that is long overdue. We call on Congressman Capuano to do the same.

For over a decade, Congressman Capuano has fought for a progressive agenda in the House of Representatives and has championed those issues we care about most as young Democrats.  He has rarely let us down, and our sincere hope is that tomorrow won’t be any different.  In order to protect the principles that define who we are and what we believe in as an organization, we ask Congressman Capuano to vote “Yes” during tomorrow’s vote. All eyes on Harvard’s campus will be watching.


Jason Berkenfeld

President – Harvard College Democrats


(516) 263-5244