Dems celebrate the passage of historic health care reform in the House

March 22, 2010
After an almost half-century long effort to reform our nation’s health care system, the Harvard College Democrats are happy to celebrate yesterday’s historic vote in the House of Representatives. In passing H.R. 3590, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the United States Congress took a vital step forward in ensuring quality, secure, and affordable health care for all Americans. We congratulate President Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for finally addressing what Senator Edward Kennedy called the “great unfinished business of our society.” Additionally, the Dems thank our Congressman Mike Capuano for supporting these crucial changes, and we are proud that such a vocal advocate of progressive values represents the interests of our community.

Among its far-reaching effects, the legislation approved last night will eventually expand health insurance coverage to over 95% of Americans. In its common-sense provisions that protect from unfair and costly insurance practices, the bill expands access for millions to life-saving medicine.  The Dems are happy to support a bill that embodies our belief that health care is a human right, not a luxury. While the bill is far from perfect, the Dems believe that it is an ideal first step in addressing one of our nation’s monumental issues.

“We could not be more excited about last night’s victory,” said Dems President Jason Q. Berkenfeld ’11. “This is the change we were fighting for in 2008, and it’s great to see months of activism finally pay off.  Justice has come for millions of Americans who have been exploited by a broken system.”

As active advocates of a more fair and equitable health care system, our members worked tirelessly during the 2008 campaign to support Democratic candidates who would work to enact badly-needed health care reform. Last fall, the Dems renewed their commitment to change by organizing college students in a campaign dubbed, “Reform Can’t Wait.”

The Dems are overjoyed at having been part of this monumental movement to make life better for millions of Americans, and we look forward to continuing our efforts on behalf of the progressive agenda. “Now we move on to the next big issue of our time, whether it’s education, financial reform, climate change or immigration,” said Berkenfeld. “We as an organization won’t stop fighting for what is right.”

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