April 16, 2010

This evening, for the first time in 5 years, the Harvard College Democrats defeated the Harvard Republican Club in our annual Bipartisan Paintball Brawl!  In an epic 7-game series, the Dems came out on top with a score of 4 to 3.   This historic victory was a team effort, with every member demonstrating the highest standards of athletic ability.  Indeed, the solidarity and camaraderie of the Dems’ team was inspiring.  We left our hearts on the playing field, and we have the bruises and battle wounds to prove it.

For everyone who says Democrats can’t handle guns, this victory is for you.

For everyone who thinks Democrats are weak and fragile, this victory is for you.

And for everyone who predicted another Republican victory in the Bipartisan Paintball Brawl, this victory is for you especially.

On this rainy evening in April, there is a single refrain emanating from the lips of Harvard’s largest partisan organization: yes we did. Yes we did.

“This is only a sign of things to come,” said Jason Q. Berkenfeld, President of the Harvard College Democrats. “The odds were against us tonight, but we pulled out the victory nonetheless.  Without a doubt, that will be the case in November as well. You can bet on it.”