Canvassing and Football

grabbing a bite on the street corner

Yesterday was the first canvassing trip of the Dems – a trip to Manchester, New Hampshire.

Before eating lunch, we canvassed the home of a young woman.  She was marked undecided, and so we were ready to convince her of the Democratic ticket.  We reached the door, difficult to approach with so many hockey sticks covering the porch.  A man answered our knocks, and upon our introduction he claimed that his daughter doesn’t support any of what the Democrats are doing because “she is a med student”, as though that was a reason for her to oppose medical reform.  My parents have been doctors for years – my earliest memory is my father graduating from medical school – and they as well as many of their colleagues felt this reform was welcome (and may not have been enough).  Does this med student realize that she is entitled to medical insurance from her parents while in medical school and up to the age of 26 thanks to this recent legislation?  What if we had actually spoken to her?  I wish she had been home – but there will be plenty more homes to visit with people just like her.

The rest of the trip mostly involved unanswered doors.  The moral of the day had to be that Patriots football beats political interest any day in Pats country.  Lesson learned!