The Dems endorse Ebrahim-Cao for UC President & Vice President

The Dems enthusiastically endorsed the ticket of Senan Ebrahim and Bonnie Cao for UC President and Vice President at a special meeting tonight. The outcome represents a significant victory for the Ebrahim-Cao campaign, as the Dems endorsement has historically been an important factor in the UC race.

A town hall-style meeting was held at 8:15 pm in the Lower Common Room of Adams Hall. Two tickets for the positions of UC President and VP (Ebrahim-Cao and Coe-Li) presented their ideas to an audience that included over 40 voting members, campaign staff, and media representatives. Deliberations were open to the public and all dues-paid members were given the opportunity to vote.

Both tickets introduced their platforms with 3-minute introductory statements followed by 1-minute answers to questions read by president Jason Berkenfeld ’11. In addition, members of the Democrats had the opportunity to raise questions individually. Debate ended with the candidates giving brief closing statements and departing the room for closed-door discussion.

The Dems deliberated briefly before arriving at the choice of the Ebrahim-Cao ticket, many citing both candidates’ vision, experience, and commitment to student groups as primary reasons for their decision.

Said Berkenfeld, “The Dems were impressed with the ideas put forth by both tickets, but at the end of the day, Senan and Bonnie’s plans to improve access to social space and to change Financial Committee policies resonated with our membership. I’m confident that Harvard will become a better place under their leadership.”

The Dems hope to make tangible contributions to the UC campaign in the next two weeks, and look forward to working with Ebrahim and Cao in the coming year.

As Lindsay Garber ‘11, Vice President, concluded, “We’re extremely excited to work with two candidates who are so dedicated to ensuring that the Dems and other student groups have the institutional support they need, especially in terms of their ideas on working with the administration.”

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