The Harvard Dems announce their 2010-2011 new Executive Board

The Harvard Dems would like to thank all of its members that came out to vote yesterday for the 2010-2011 Executive Board! We’re very excited to welcome Meaghan and Jonny as our new President and Vice President respectively.

Without further ado, here is our new board:

Meaghan M. Riether ’12, President. Meaghan is a Women, Gender, and Sexuality concentrator in Winthrop House from Langhorne, Pennsylvania. “The next year should be one of strengthening and growth, and I’m looking forward to collaborating not only with the talented, passionate members of this new Board, but also with our equally vibrant general membership in order to achieve these goals.  I have great faith that we’ll be successful,” she said.

Jonathan L. Newmark ‘12, Vice President. Jonathan is a Government concentrator in Quincy House from Laurel Hollow, New York. “I am so thrilled with the results of today’s election,” he said. “The new board will undoubtedly maintain the momentum our organization has gained during election season, carrying the excitement through 2011.”

Katie R. Zavadski ’13, Campaigns Director. Katie is a Comparative Study of Religion concentrator in Lowell House from Brooklyn, New York. “I’m excited for the enthusiasm of the new board for the upcoming off-year. I’m sure we will accomplish a lot,” she said.

Christine A. Hurd ‘13, Communications Director. Christine is a Government concentrator in Lowell House from Aledo, Texas.

Adan Acevedo ‘13, Events Director. Adan is a Social Studies concentrator in Lowell House from Los Angeles, California.

Will F. Poff-Webster ‘14, Legislative Director.  Will is a prospective Government and History concentrator in Canaday from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

Jimmy P. Biblarz ‘14, Membership Director. Jimmy is a prospective History and Government concentrator in Wigglesworth from Los Angeles, California.

Gary D. J. Gerbrandt ‘14, Service Director. Gary is a prospective Government concentrator in Thayer from Canada.

Alli Gofman ‘14, Secretary.  Alli is a prospective Neurobiology concentrator in Canaday from Westchester, New York.

Tori Wenger ‘14, Treasurer. Tori is a prospective Government concentrator in Weld from Hampton Falls, New Hampshire.

Outgoing President, Jason Q. Berkenfeld ’11, said of the new board, “I have absolute confidence that the next Executive Board will continue and surpass the hard work and success that the outgoing board has accomplished. The organization is in good hands.”

Outgoing Vice President, Lindsay M. Garber ‘11 said, “It has been such an honor to serve as Vice President of the Harvard College Democrats for the past year. I’m incredibly proud of the work we accomplished during our term, and am excited to see the amazing things Meaghan, Jonny and the rest of the new Dems board will accomplish during their administration.”

The Harvard College Democrats are the largest partisan political organization at Harvard University. After a valiant effort during the 2010 midterm elections, the Dems are focusing on fostering a fruitful off-election year.  For more, visit or contact Christine Hurd at