Help pass the DREAM Act now!

Hey Dems – Now is the time to pass the DREAM Act and make sure all of our peers have the same opportunities in the land of opportunity. Here are two things you can do:

1) Submit a photo of yourself and a short (1 sentence or so) statement about why you support the DREAM Act to to be included in our DREAM Act poster campaign.

2) Take action with our friends from Act on a DREAM:

For almost 10 years Congress has failed to address an issue which affects the lives of hundreds of thousands of young Americans.

After an entire decade without action on behalf of Congress, a discussion on “the merits of undocumented youth” remains nothing more than a futile exercise in bigotry. Together as Republicans, Democrats and Independents, college students from every state demand the passage of the DREAM Act immediately.

Act on a DREAM asks all college students to contact the following Senators, asking them to vote in favor of DREAM before the end of this legislative year.

It’s now or never. The chances for any immigration reform are slim after this election cycle. Our peers cannot wait while politicians play with this serious humanitarian crisis in America.


“My name is _________________, I am a student and a voter, and I am calling to let Senator _____________ know that I would like him/her to vote in favor of the DREAM Act when it comes to the floor.”

The following senators need to hear from you:

(Asterisks indicate Senators who have voted in support of the DREAM Act in the past. Be sure to remind them when calling).

Ripe fruit:

*Sam Brownback, Republican of Kansas –  202-224-6521

*Susan Collins, Republican of Maine – 202-224-2523

Claire McCaskill, Democrat of Missouri – 202-224-6154

*Jim Webb, Democrat of Virginia – 202-224-4024

Up for grabs:

Chris Coons, Democrat of Delaware – 202-224-5042

Mary Landrieu, Democrat of Louisiana – 202-224-5824

Lisa Murkowski, Republican of Alaska – 202-224-6665

Uphill climbs:

Kent Conrad, Democrat of North Dakota – 202-224-2043

Byron Dorgan, Democrat of North Dakota – 202 224-2551

Kay Hagan, Democrat of North Carolina – 202-224-6342

Joe Manchin, Democrat of West Virginia – 202-224-3954

Olympia Snowe, Republican of Maine – 202-224-5344

John Tester, Democrat of Montana – 202 224-2644

George Voinovich, Republican of Ohio – 202-224-3353

Almost certainly against:

Max Baucus, Democrat of Montana –  202-224-2651

Scott Brown, Republican of Massachusetts – 202-224-4543

*Orrin Hatch, Republican of Utah – 202-224-5251 (original co-sponsor)

*Kay Bailey Hutchison, Republican of Texas – 202-224-5922

John McCain, Republican of Arizona – 202-224-2235 (original co-sponsor) (failed to vote in 2007)

Mark Pryor, Democrat of Arkansas – 202-224-2353

George LeMieux, Republican of Florida – 202-224-3041

*Ben Nelson, Democrat of North Dakota – 202-224-6551