Here’s a message from our very own MAL, the wonderful Sam Novey. Please join the fight:

Dear Team AmeriCorps,

Liesl Newton stepped up to the microphone.  A mere 20 feet from Eric Cantor, the 2011 Teach for America corps member explained that she would be asking her question on behalf of the over 100,000 signees of our online petition, the 340 rallyers outside, and the AmeriCorps alums in the room.  At that moment, the 20 AmeriCorps alums in the room stood up and Liesl looked straight at Rep. Cantor:

“Why do you propose to eliminate all federal funding for programs which invest both in local communities and in the future leaders who care so much about them?”  The audience began to applaud.  A forum usher called the moment “spine-tingling.”

Outside, we stood with 340 spirited Americorps supporters who made a powerful statement about the value of AmeriCorps to a man with the power to eliminate it.  In this moment of peril, we showed our power.  The scene was electric: with flags and drums, signs and pickets, we honored the service of 85,000 AmeriCorps members.

Alone, our rally can’t restore and increase funding for AmeriCorps.  But it can help spark a movement that can.

That’s why we need to share the story of what happened Thursday.

This video tells that story: http://www.rallyforamericorps.org/post/3530503324/sign-the-petition

Can you post it on Facebook right now?

We’ll be in touch in the coming days with plans to take this fight to the next level.


Sam and Kurt