Bill Richardson

Bill Richardson is visiting Harvard as a Visiting Fellow with the IOP this week, and I’m reminded of this profile of him by Ryan Lizza. Check it out:

Lurking behind Richardson’s grabby, clumsy style is a guy who will do anything to be loved. And that’s how many Democrats view the United States right now–a nation that desperately needs the world to love us again. Richardson may be a good Cabinet member for the next president, but, despite his charm and likeability, the next president needs to be more than a frat-boy-in-chief who believes that personal connections can overcome all the world’s ideological fissures. We’ve already been down that road. Back at the baseball game, where the Iowa Cubs are crushing Richardson’s own Albuquerque Isotopes, the governor is a whirl of energy and one-liners. We ride an elevator to the broadcast booth. “You’re the owner, huh?” Richardson says to a man escorting us. “Why are you kicking the shit out of us?” The governor settles into a chair between the Cubs’ two play-by-play announcers. There’s a pop fly to shallow right center. The Cubs shortstop falls down trying to make the catch, and an Isotope makes a sprint for second. “He’s out!” Richardson interjects. The announcer, Toby Hyde, concurs. “Bill Richardson is right,” he says. “He’s out.” He adds, with just a trace of sarcasm, “I’ll let you call a couple of plays.”