A Sense of Schumer’s Style

This past Friday, the lovely Conversations with Kirkland and your own Harvard Dems sponsored “A Sense of Schumer” which was basically a one-hour Q and A with the senior senator from New York State.

First off, Senator Schumer talked about his humble beginnings at Harvard and his change in concentration from chemistry major to government. He talked about an organic chemistry experiment: “Finally, after hours and hours, I got the experiment to work. The sun was rising and the crystals had finally turned from blue¬† to green so I know it worked. Then I looked up and realized that there were no people around. That’s how I knew that I need something more social.”

And he definitely held a great conversation with the attendees, answering around ten questions from a plethora of topics such as AIDS funding, China, consumer protection, environmental legislature, entitlement spending, New York State taxes, and how he thought the health care bill should have been passed (a proponent of single-payer).

Surprisingly also was his comment about John Boehner, cautiously commending him for leading both the Tea Party section and “normal” section of the Republican Party.

While he often brought the topic of conversation back to America’s middle class, some of his answers were unconventional and not often said in the democratic conversation, including a strong opinion that America will still be the world’s major economic power for years to come. This contrasts to public opinion in a survey published in December saying that a majority of Americans believe China has outstripped the U.S. as the #1 economy.

He also provided his views on the environment, citing that Jerry Brown’s solution of raising environmental standards of buildings in California in the 70s could be applied to the United States in lieu of a carbon tax, an oft demonized solution.

Ultimately, it was a great event, and the Dems would like to thank Kirkland House and especially the lovely Lange Luntao for making this conversation possible. Stay tuned for more events!