Abort, Retry, Fail? No, Shutdown

Let’s party like it’s 1995, everyone!

Tonight, President Obama is meeting with John Boehner to figure out a compromise which will keep the government open through the end of the week. It’s no big deal if the Tea Party-controlled GOP decides to close down the government – that just means 800,000 people go unpaid, tax refunds won’t get processed, and it doesn’t matter, because that big, Obama-inflated government doesn’t do anything except STEAL FROM MY MEDICARE!!!

But, really, the main issue with the government shutdown is the refusal to actually act on the budgetary crises which America faces. Both Republicans and Democrats are responsible, but the lack of support for job-creating legislation such as healthcare reform and the stimulus, and the GOP’s insistence on pursuing a nothing-but-tax-cuts policy (aside from the billions they gave to America’s wealthiest citizens a few months ago, they pushed the Democrats to massively reduce the effectiveness of the stimulus by including tax cuts which amounted to a few hundred dollars per family), allows us Democrats to articulate a fair argument of responsibility.

It shouldn’t matter. Both sides should be open to change, to save America. But there needs to be a willingness to work hard, negotiate, and be anything but the Party of No (and Ridiculous Demands) before any real change will come to Washington.

Keep your ears to the ground about the shutdown, and remember, the last time the GOP-controlled House did this under current-windbag and future-candidate Gingrich, the Republicans lost seats, nominated Bob Dole, and ensured the most successful and budget-preserving presidency in decades with Clinton’s second term.

So maybe the GOP is just being nice! They must want President Obama to be re-elected! Otherwise, why would they be acting so stupidly?

If you actually want President Obama to be re-elected, tell him you’re in on his website, and listen up for future campaigning trips with the Dems. Not only are we going to boot out Scott Brown and make Massachusetts all-blue once more, we’re going to make sure our President sticks around and really gets to make that change he promised us.