Dems and Rootstrikers Board Members Facilitate New Fellowship Program


Interested in learning about public service this summer through interning for a progressive candidate, but don’t have the funding or the connections? Already have a progressive campaign you’re interested in, but don’t have adequate funding? Interning elsewhere because you can’t find funds for the summer experience you actually want to have? Apply to the first […]

Recap: King (or Queen) of the Hill


Mid-term election season is warming up, and with it comes a whole slew of opportunities to work with politicians on and off Capitol Hill. This past Tuesday we invited Shira Center, politics editor of Roll Call, and two former Hill staffers to come and speak about their experiences working in Washington and to offer tips […]

Recap: Abortion Debate

HPU Abortion Debate

This past Tuesday, the Harvard College Democrats and the Harvard Right To Life Group debated the topic of abortion. The event was moderated by the Harvard Political Union. Topics discussed ranged from the logistical to the theoretical, with both sides bringing up interesting and salient points, revealing just how complicated of an issue abortion really […]